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About Us

Anna Bella is part of CIERI srl, an Italian company founded in 1978 by Bernarndo Cieri, with headquarters in Città Sant’Angelo, Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy. CIERI srl was born from the desire to enter the fashion accessories department in a distinctive way and with the highest quality parameters of the product and the service offered.

The founder believed he could help maximize customer satisfaction and decided to start a successful business, in which he merged his deep experience and professionalism with the highest quality of products and machinery used, placing the customer’s needs at the center of their business.


The business was born in a small two-room apartment and since 1998 has taken place in a 3000 square meter plant, divided into specific areas: administration, production, warehouse, and galvanic.


The latter to achieve the plating of metals with rhodium (the most precious metal in the world) as a fundamental phase of our production chain, always aimed at attention to detail and the highest quality in the materials used.


Style and brand identity

Anna Bella offers unique and handcrafted products with a contemporary style to a demanding, curious, positive consumer, who is always looking for the perfect detail.

It is able to offer an extraordinary level of quality thanks to a unique combination of solutions and design, quality materials, original use of colors, and strong attention to detail. The emotions that take place in the product are not purely aesthetic but express an interest in functional, smart, and original solutions.



approaching our offer, the customer is introduced to a reality in which nothing happens by chance. Care in choice, preparation, and presentation of the products, designed to be not only pleasing to the eye but also for quality is a distinctive feature of our design.



Only high-quality raw materials are used – semiprecious stones, crystals, enamels, brass, silver, resins, and the much-prized Rhodium. Zamak casting, cold molding, pantograph processing, welding, marking, enameling, polishing, and hypoallergenic galvanic baths are among the main processes that allow the obtaining of impeccable objects.

Balance, elegance, and superiority are the essential elements of the experience that Anna Bella aims to offer. The choice of the perfect detail, in the perfect moment, the memory of that moment will perpetuate its perfection in the memories of those who lived it for infinite time.

The Annabella brand is always present in these moments of happiness worldwide!


The brand’s distribution is entrusted to an international network of trade fairs and single- firm agents and the presence of single-brand stores abroad. Anna Bella also distributes its products through the web channel with the online shop reserved for traders in the sector such as Wedding Atelier, Coiffeur, Boutique, and the best Perfumeries. The company also collaborates with a network of distributors in all major non-EU markets (Australia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, USA).